13 Day Japan Adventure

From tipsy karaoke to Buddhist monasteries, come to say Konichiwa to Japan with us!

You’ll walk the streets of one of the world’s busiest and most futuristic cities, watch monkeys bathe in hot springs, roll your own sushi, visit ancient shrines and castles, get taught to wield a sword by a Samurai master, stay overnight with monks in a 1000-year-old Buddhist temple and much more! Get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

Highlights (TL/DR):

So many highlights on your 13 days Adventure Tour of Japan. Experience the famous Tsukiji Fish Market before learning the art of rolling your own sushi from a master of the art. Visit ancient temples, colorful shrines, and majestic castles and learn about the importance of the Shinto religion to the Japanese people and how their country was shaped by brutal warfare. Get up close and personal with the famous red faced ‘snow monkeys’ of Jigokudani.
Take in stunning mountain views from trains, pirate ships and cable cars as you explore the beauty of Nagano and Hakone. Learn how to wield a Katana (Japanese Samurai sword) and cut through tatami mats with the guidance of a descendant from the noble Samurai. Spend the night in a 1000-year-old Buddhist temple with monks in the stunning mountains of Koyasan, learn to meditate and watch the monks perform their morning prayers and a fascinating fire ceremony.
Japan is the place to be! Balancing serene traditions with modern mayhem, we're talking robot cafes in Tokyo, spying Geisha in the backstreets of Kyoto's Gion district, strutting through the neon lights of Osaka, hunting down the perfect Ramen, wandering ancient shrines and some of the world's hottest ski destinations.

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13 Day Japan Adventure - Tour itinerary - 13 Days

Welcome to Tokyo
Day 1: Welcome to Tokyo

Welcome to Japan and welcome to Tokyo! Today you will arrive in Tokyo and check into your hostel. time to recover from your flight and meet the group you will spend the next 10 days adventuring in Japan with. 

Explore Tokyo
Day 2: Explore Tokyo

First up is a visit to the Senso-ji Temple; Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple, before heading over to the Meiji Shrine. Next up we discover colourful Harajuku as well as the iconic Shibuya Crossing (the world’s busiest intersection!) Later we’ll experience some of Japan’s quirky restaurants and hilariously tiny bars in Shinjuku. 

Meals: Breakfast
Sushi Making in Tokyo
Day 3: Sushi Making in Tokyo

You will head across Tokyo to discover the organized mayhem of the Tsukiji Fish Market, once one of the largest operating fish markets! Afterward, we embark on a Sushi master will teach you the art of rolling your own fresh sushi. Plus tasting! This evening we’ll head for the bright lights of Akihabara. From classic arcade games to the insanity of Japanese photo booths, you’ll soon learn why they call this ‘Electric City’.

Meals: Breakfast and Lunch
Nagano, Sake Tasting and Brewery Visit
Day 4: Nagano, Sake Tasting and Brewery Visit

Today we board our first ‘Shinkansen’, the famous bullet train, and rocket through the Japanese countryside at over 200mph! Once in Nagano, we’ll get a chance to taste locally brewed sake. Our home tonight is a traditional style of Japanese accommodation located in the heart of the mountain village.

Meals: Breakfast
Snow Monkeys in Nagano
Day 5: Snow Monkeys in Nagano

Today, we head into the mountains to see the famous snow monkeys. These Japanese Macaques play among the trees in summer, whilst in winter you’ll catch these guys bathing in natural hot springs to escape the cold. We’ll then explore the lakes and forests of the Shiga Kogen National Park, a beautiful site year-round.

Meals: Breakfast
Nagano to Hakone
Day 6: Nagano to Hakone

Today we’ll shoot off again by bullet train to the stunning Hakone, a spot famous in Japan for its jaw-dropping views of Mount Fuji.

Meals: Breakfast
Explore Hakone to Osaka
Day 7: Explore Hakone to Osaka

We’ll spend the morning exploring the stunning region of Hakone by a pirate ship and a cable car, where on a clear day you’ll have unrivaled views of Mount Fuji. Next up is Osaka, where we’ll head out to the vibrant Dotonbori canal region for dinner and then a party in the crazy neon nightlife.

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner
Day 8: Osaka

Spend the morning relaxing or exploring Osaka’s awesome shopping. Later we’ll visit the incredible Osaka Castle, first built over 400 years ago. Here we’ll learn about Japanese history and Japan’s ancient warriors, the Samurai.

Meals: Breakfast
Buddist Temple Stay in Koyasan
Day 9: Buddist Temple Stay in Koyasan

We head back to the mountains today for a once in a lifetime experience – staying overnight in a 1000-year-old Buddhist temple in the fascinating town of Koyasan. Here we’ll be taught meditation by the monks, served their traditional cuisine, and have a guided night-time stroll through Japan’s largest cemetery. 

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner
Koyasan and Kyoto
Day 10: Koyasan and Kyoto

Today we wake up early for an unforgettable experience – watching the Buddhist monks perform their morning prayer service and fire ceremony. We will be served breakfast by the monks before traveling to our last destination, Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital. When we arrive there’ll be time to chill in our awesome accommodation before heading out for dinner and drinks.

Meals: Breakfast
Bamboo Forest and the Golden Pavilion
Day 11: Bamboo Forest and the Golden Pavilion

What a big day of exploring today in Kyoto. Make sure your phone’s charged! First up is the Instagram famous Bamboo Forest of Arashiyama, perfect for shots surrounded by the towering bamboo. We then head to the beautiful Golden Pavilion, a temple covered entirely in gold, before visiting Gion, the famous home of Japan’s beautiful and mysterious Geishas.

Meals: Breakfast
Fushimi- Inari and Samurai
Day 12: Fushimi- Inari and Samurai

Today the endless bright Torii gates of Fushimi- Inari await us! One of Japan’s most iconic shrines will blow you away as we explore the winding trails of the ancient mountain. In the afternoon, we will be taught how to wield a traditional sword by a sensei descended from the Samurai. Experience the finesse of these weapons as you channel your inner warrior and slice through rolled bamboo.

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner
Depart Kyoto Or Extend Your Stay
Day 13: Depart Kyoto Or Extend Your Stay

Your amazing 13-day adventure comes to an end. You can either check out and make your way back home, stay on longer in Kyoto or continue your travels in Japan.
Return to Tokyo option is available. Contact us for more information.

Meals: Breakfast
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From the neon lights of buzzing Tokyo to ancient temples on snowy mountain tops, Japan is a feast for the senses and Intro is the most amazing way to experience it!