Tours in China

A wealth of diversity

Travel in China dates back over 5,000 years to the time of the Great Silk Road when Westerners such as Marco Polo and Gottfried Leibniz ventured in search of silk and spices to trade - such is the rich cultural heritage of China. It shares borders with over 14 separate nations most of which it has been at war with at one time or another. The most obvious in today’s China being the remnants of the Great Wall - built to keep the invading Mongols from the North out.

China is as diverse as it’s history. Across the vast countryside, you will find large variations in culture, language, customers and economic wealth. The major cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai are modern and comparatively wealthy. Yet, about 50% of Chinese still live very simple rural existence.

The list of things to do in China would be simply never-ending. From the incredible history and culture like the majestic Forbidden City in Beijing, to the wonderful environment such as the breathtaking scenery of Jiuzhaigou. China has the third-largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, after Italy and Spain. One of the most enduring images of China is the gumdrop mountains and steeply sloping forested hills with bizarre rock formations that appear in so much Chinese art. These strangely eroded rock formations are known as Karst and are predominant in and Southern China.

Explore our great range of backpacking adventure tours through China. Start your tour in Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai and visit the major highlights of China.

China is nothing short of a travelers paradise. You have seen the sites on TV and in print over the years, but never fully immersed yourself in the culture. Largely off the Asian tourist and backpacker trail many of the highlights we visit on our China tours you may not have heard off. But look at any of the images and they are familiar. Do not be put off by the language barrier and different culture, let that entice you to visit this wonderful country and meet its people. We make traveling in China easy and affordable.

Although any trip to China is guaranteed to be spectacular, our range of China tours offers you the most comfortable, flexible and authentic Chinese experiences. You’ll have the advantage of seasoned and local tour guides, funky accommodation in hostels, and quality food throughout your trip. A tour where everything is taken care of...sounds good to us!


Beijing to Shanghai 9-day Trip
Beijing to Shanghai 9-day Trip
Get a taste of China as you travel between two of its biggest cities. With an incomparable mix of both ancient and modern historical sites, a sleepy rural retreat, and lavish self-indulgence, this trip has it all.

This trip has it all - both ancient and modern historical sites, a sleepy rural retreat, and lavish self-indulgence, this trip has it all, experience nightlife and fascinating colonial past in Shanghai, learn some Mandarin, camp on the Wall and witness the sunrise from there, wander in the bamboo forests. have a blast in Karaoke club.

From $935
Hong Kong to Beijing 15-day Trip
Hong Kong to Beijing 15-day Trip
15 day tour of the highlights of Western China, start in Hong Kong and finish in Beijing.

You’ll hike and camp out under the stars on the Great Wall, see the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, marvel at the pandas in Chengdu and much more! Finish your tour all the way up in Beijing.

From $1820
18-day China Trip from Shanghai
18-day China Trip from Shanghai
See most important highlights of China under 3 weeks on this adventure tour

This jam-packed tour includes most important of the Chinese highlights - the pandas in Chengdu, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, bamboo rafting in Yangshuo and camping under the stars on the Great Wall

From $2165
25-day Ultimate China Trip from Hong Kong
25-day Ultimate China Trip from Hong Kong
See the highlights of China on this 25-day adventure backpacking trip.

Our best-selling 25-day China tour goes through the major regions, top destinations, famous sites and countless hidden gems in off-the-beaten-track locations. It’s probably the quickest, most cost-effective, budget-friendly and enjoyable way of seeing so much that this eye-opening country has to offer.

From $2720